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How to send your first letter

Using Pingen is simple and straightforward. This section explains how to send a letter, step-by-step.

Upload the letter

Documents can be dragged and dropped into the browser window or selected by clicking on the dispatch box in the lower left corner. Your letters must be in PDF format and conform to certain formatting standards. You can find more information in the "Letter standards and templates" article.

Upload documents via drag & drop
Select and upload documents

Send preparation: Letter status after uploading

After uploading, letters are validated by Pingen for mailing. Within a few seconds, you’ll be forwarded to the Send Preparation and see an overview of the letters you uploaded. After validation, each letter is assigned one of the following statuses: "Ready for Sending", "Action Required" or "Invalid".

Send preparation

You can either send the letters now or stop the send process by pressing "Cancel". All letters are saved in the background with their correct status in the letter list and can be sent at a later time. When preparing to send letters, you can adjust the envelope window setting for all the letters you’re sending.

You can’t adjust envelope windows for individual letters here, only an entire batch. It’s best to sort letters by their envelope window position before uploading and upload the right-window and left-window batches separately.

Letter is marked "Ready for Sending"

All letters marked "Ready for Sending" can be submitted for sending in the next step.

Letters with the status "Ready for Sending"

"Action Required" status

Letters marked "Action Required" have an issue that must be resolved before sending. Most problems can be fixed in the Pingen App. Make sure the envelope window of the problem letter is set correctly before fixing any other issues. The envelope window setting can be changed in the lower right corner. 

Letters with the status "Action Required"

The following problems can occur:

"Invalid" status

Letters marked "Invalid" cannot be fixed or sent. There are various reasons why a letter may be marked "Invalid". More information about the "Not available for sending" tab

Letters with the status "Not sendable*

Send overview

Click on "Continue with xx letters" to forward all "Ready for sending" letters to the Send Overview. There, you’ll see a list of the letters that are ready for sending, sorted by country.

Send overview

Delivery products & delivery duration

You can select the delivery product you wish to use in each country. Depending on the method you choose, shipping properties such as delivery duration, track & trace information, and postal tariffs will change. For more information, read "Introduction to shipping options"

Select delivery product

Print options

In addition to shipping options, the Send Overview section also provides various printing options. Read "Printing options" for more information

  • You can select whether your documents should be printed in color or grayscale by using the Color Mode option.
  • The Page Handling allows you to choose whether a letter will be printed on one side or both sides.
Select print options

Submit letters for sending

Once you’ve selected delivery products and printing options, letters can be submitted for sending by clicking the «Send Letters»" button. A confirmation message will reconfirm the quantity of letters and the price.

Submit letters for sending

Not enough Credits available

If there aren’t enough Credits to send the letters, the letters will end up in a queue and be marked «Waiting for Credits».

To purchase Credits for that Organisation, simply click on the balance card on the Dashboard in the upper right corner. More information about buying Credits

After you purchase Credits, any letters marked "Waiting for Credits" will be sent automatically.

Top up Credits

Track letters via Track & Trace

After they’re sent, letters can be tracked using the Track & Trace feature. Click on the "Letters" menu item to switch to the letter list. There, you’ll find all uploaded letters and their status. If you click on the status button on the right, the Track & Trace sidebar opens. It shows you the progress of your letter, from uploading to handover to the post office. More information about Track & Trace

Track & Trace feature
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