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Supported country names in the recipient address

In order for Pingen to accept letters for sending, it is important that the recipient address includes the destination country name in one of the supported spellings. This is necessary so postal organisations forward the letters to the correct countries. If there is no destination country or if the country name is stated using a different spelling, Pingen will generally* not accept the documents for sending.

* If one of the following countries is configured as the Default Destination Country for your Organisation, the country name can be omitted in the recipient address for local letter mailings:

Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and India.

However, for letters which are not sent to the default recipient country, the country must be indicated in any case.

Language requirements of the destination countries

The languages accepted for the recipient country depend on the different postal carriers. If a letter is sent via the local post, the destination country name will be accepted in the local language. If a letter is sent via DHL, the destination country name must be provided in German or English.

Supported country names

The following list shows all accepted country names. You can use the search fields to search for the desired country using either the country name or the ISO code. Please note that only the country name and not the ISO code is accepted in the recipient address:

Download list:

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