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Issue with Recipient Address

For documents with the remark "Issue with Recipient Address", the address could not be completely recognized in the address area. Either the address is incomplete or located not fully inside the address area. Further information about the address area

If a document is assigned the status "Action Required" after uploading, the document contains a problem that can be fixed directly via the Pingen App.
Issue with Recipient Address

Identify the problem

You can easily identify problems with the recipient address by opening the document in Pingen:

Option 1: If the address extends beyond the Address Area, the Postage Area is highlighted in red.

Incorrect address placement

Option 2: If the address or other elements reach into the Postage Area, the Postage Area is highlighted in red.

Address in franking area

Option 3: If any problems with the address were discovered or no address was found, the Address Area is highlighted in red.

Incomplete recipient address

Fix the recipient address directly in the Pingen App

Before a document can be accepted for sending, the full address must be in the correct place. Pingen’s "Create Cover Page" option helps you handle problematic recipient addresses. This feature automatically adds a new page at the front of the document. Simply re-enter the address, and it will be correctly formatted and placed on the cover page.

Want to create a cover page? Pingen provides two ways to do it.

Option 1: Via Send Preparation:
You get to the Send Preparation by uploading documents or by selecting the documents in the letter list and clicking on "Send". In the "Action required" tab you will find the documents with the remark "Issue with Recipient Address". Click on the «Create Cover Page» icon on the right side.

Create a cover page via the send preparation

Option 2: Via Document Preview
You can also create a cover page in the preview mode. To do this, click on the corresponding document and select the "Create Cover Page" button in the document preview.

Create cover page via the document preview

In sidebar on the right side, enter the address (without the recipient’s country) in the text field. Select the recipient’s country from the drop-down menu. After you click the "Create Cover Page" button, a cover page containing the recipient’s address will be added as the first page of the document.

Create cover page
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