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Invalid Paper Type

Documents with the remark "Invalid Paper Type" contain pages with a payment slip which is not supported in the recipient country. For example, invoices with a Swiss QR-bill cannot be sent to Germany.

If a document is assigned the status "Action Required" after uploading, the document contains a problem that can be fixed directly via the Pingen App.
Documents with invalid paper type

Identify the problem

Why a document has the remark "Invalid Paper Type" can be easily identified by opening the document in the Pingen App:

Detect invalid paper type

On the affected page, the notice "Invalid Paper Type" is given in the top left corner of the document. Furthermore, the invalid paper type is highlighted in red in the document.

Change to regular paper directly in the Pingen App

To make a document valid for sending, the paper type of the affected pages must be changed to regular paper. In the Pingen App, multiple documents can be fixed at once or each document can be fixed individually.

When changing to regular paper, payment slips will no longer be printed on pre-printed & pre-perforated forms.

Change to regular paper - Fixing multiple documents at once

You get to the Send Preparation by uploading documents or by selecting the documents in the letter list and clicking on "Send". In the "Action required" tab you will find the documents with the remark "Invalid Paper Type". Click on the "Change to Regular Paper" icon on the right side to fix the selected documents.

Correct invalid paper type at once

Switch documents to regular paper, one by one

You can also change the paper type for each document individually. Click on the corresponding document to switch to preview mode. In the preview mode, the pages with the invalid payment slip are highlighted in red. Use the "Change to Regular Paper" button to automatically change the page type of these pages.

Fix invalid paper type individually

Help with sending via integrations

If you transfer documents to Pingen using a third-party app (such as Dropbox or S3) but can’t customize the documents because your software automatically creates payment slips, then Pingen’s support team may be able to help you.

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