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Supported paper types

Depending on the recipient country of a letter, Pingen supports printing payment slips directly on official forms. Pingen automatically detects pages with payment slips and checks, if the required form respectively paper type for these slips is available for the specified recipient country.

If the detected paper type is not available for the destination country, then the page containing the payment slips must be changed to regular paper in the Pingen App. More information in the article "Invalid paper type"

Important notes when using payment slips

Payment slips must be transferred to Pingen without the coloured background, since printing is done directly on the official pre-printed and pre-perforated forms.

Payment slips do not necessarily have to be placed on the last page of the document. They can be on any page.

If the document is printed duplex (double-sided), make sure that any payment slips are on odd-numbered pages. Otherwise, a document cannot be printed duplex for printing reasons.

Paper types for the same recipient country can also be mixed in one document. For example, a document for Switzerland can contain both a payment slip and a QR invoice.

Supported paper types for the recipient country Switzerland

Paper type for QR Invoices

If a document contains a QR-bill, Pingen recognizes it based on the official attributes of a QR invoice and automatically adjusts the paper type. More information in the article "Documents with QR-bills".

Paper type QR-bill

Paper type ISR, ISR+ and red deposit slips

Pingen automatically recognizes ISR, ISR+ and red payment slips contained in a document based on their official attributes. It’s important to upload payment slips without a coloured background. More information in the article "Documents with ISR, ISR+ and red payment slips

Supported paper types for the recipient country Germany

Paper type SEPA remittance slips (Coming soon)

Pingen is working on offering SEPA remittance slips as a supported paper type for Germany and Austria.

Override the paper type using the Pingen App

Pingen automatically detects the paper types of a document and no changes are required.

However if required, the paper type of any page can be overridden. To do this, click on the corresponding document in the letter list to open the detailed overview. By clicking the "Change Paper Type" icon, you can manually change the paper type for each page.

The paper type can be changed only for letters in the status "Ready to Send".
Adjust paper type
Change paper type
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If the document contains a paper type that is not supported for the recipient country, it can be changed to regular paper via the Pingen App.
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