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SEPA Transfer Forms

With Pingen you can print and send letters with German and Austrian SEPA transfer forms.

Using a special indicator on the corresponding page in the PDF, Pingen automatically assigns the paper type for the SEPA transfer form and prints the relevant page on pre-perforated SEPA paper after sending.

Important: Documents with a German SEPA transfer form can only be sent to Germany and documents with an Austrian SEPA transfer form can only be sent to Austria. If SEPA transfer forms are not available for the recipient country, the paper type can be changed to plain paper in the Pingen app. Click here for further information
Send SEPA remittance slip

Define SEPA transfer forms correctly in the document

In order for Pingen to automatically assign the paper type for the SEPA transfer form, the following indicator must be placed on the corresponding page in the document. You are free to choose the position of the indicator on the page. We recommend using a white font colour so that the indicator is not visible on the letter.

German SEPA Transfer Forms:


Austrian SEPA Transfer Forms:


The following points must be adhered when using SEPA Transfer Forms:

  • The indicator listed above must be placed on the page (in white font)
  • The background of the SEPA transfer form must be white
  • When printing on both sides (duplex), the SEPA transfer forms must always be on odd pages, otherwise the document cannot be printed on both sides for printing reasons
When printing in duplex, remember that your document’s page numbers will change if you use the Pingen App to create a cover page.

To ensure that the payment information is correctly placed on the SEPA transfer form after printing, please use the validation view in the Pingen-App. Furthermore, we offer Word templates with the correct placement of the payment information as well as a PDF template with a SEPA transfer form to check the placement before uploading to Pingen:‍

Templates for Germany:

Templates for Austria:

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