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Content in Restricted Areas

In Pingen, the outer margin is a restricted area. No content can be placed in a margin width of 5 mm and there is a restricted area of 15 mm in the lower left corner. Any content in these areas cannot be printed for technical reasons.

Documents with the remark "Content in Restricted Areas" contain content that reaches closer than 5 mm to the outer margin or 15 mm to the lower left corner.

If a document is assigned the status "Action Required" after uploading, the document contains a problem that can be fixed directly via the Pingen App.
Letters with content in the restricted areas

Identify the problem

You can see what content is inside the restricted areas by opening the document in the Pingen App:

Detect content in the restricted areas

In example below, there is a small mark in the restricted area on the left edge of the document. This will prevent this document from being accepted by Pingen for sending.

Important: If there is content in a restricted area of a document, the restricted area is automatically marked in red.

Overwrite restricted areas directly in the Pingen App

To make a document valid for sending, the content in restricted areas must be overwritten. In the Pingen App, multiple documents can be fixed at once or each document can be fixed individually. Note: if you overwrite a restricted area, Pingen will remove all the content in that area.

Overwrite restricted areas to fix multiple documents at once

In the Send Preparation you have the possibility to fix all documents with the problem "Content in Restricted Areas" at once. You get to the Send Preparation by uploading documents or selecting the desired documents in the letter list and clicking on "Send". In the tab "Action Required" you will find the documents with the remark "Content in Restricted Areas". Using the icon on the right, you can select the action "Overwrite Restricted Areas".

Fix content in the restricted areas multiple documents at once

Overwrite restricted areas - For each document individually

You can also overwrite restricted areas for each document individually. Click on the corresponding document to switch to preview mode. In the preview, the document can be fixed using the "Overwrite Restricted Areas" button. This option allows you to also check whether any important content is located in the restricted areas.

Fix contents in the restricted areas individually

Help with sending via integrations

If you transfer documents to Pingen using a third-party app (such as Dropbox or S3) but can’t fix problems, for example because your software automatically applies fold marks then Pingen’s support team may be able to help you.

In such cases, please contact Pingen Support directly.

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