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Letter standards & templates

To ensure that Pingen document uploading and sending will work smoothly, your documents must comply with certain standards. To make compliance easy, we provide letter templates that meet all our design and restricted area standards. Both templates work well with Pingen.

Format and size specifications

  • With Pingen, individual letters can be uploaded as a PDF file or several letters combined as a continuous PDF
  • Over 100 PDF files can be uploaded via a ZIP file
  • The PDF page size must be A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
  • The file size must not exceed 8 MB
  • Maximum number of pages per letter:
    Germany: Up to 50 pages
    Switzerland: Up to 50 pages
    Austria: Up to 16 pages
    Netherlands: Up to 14 pages
    India: 16 pages per letter
    Rest of the world: Up to 50 pages

Design options & restricted areas

When formatting a document for Pingen, you need to consider three important areas. If these areas are not correctly formatted in the PDF, you can fix them using the Pingen App.

Address area

To ensure that the recipient's address is clearly legible in the envelope window, the address must be placed within the address area. The following dimensions must be observed:

  • Distance from the edge: 22 mm from the left (x), 60 mm from the top (y)
  • Address area size: 85.5mm x 25.5mm
Pings address area
To fix the address area: If an address runs outside the address area, a cover page with the correct address placement can be created in the Pingen App for the affected letters.

Postage area

The postage area must be left open so the letter can be franked. The following dimensions for this area must be observed:

  • Distance from the edge: 20 mm from the left (x), 40 mm from the top (y)
  • Postage area size: 89.5 mm x 20 mm

Pingen postage area

To fix the postage area: Letters with content that intrudes on the postage area can be fixed using the Pingen App. If you click on "Create cover page", Pingen will create a new first page. The address can be entered inside the address area on this new first (cover) page.

Restricted areas

To ensure all documents will print without problems, all content must be placed at a minimum distance from the page’s outer edges:

  • 5 mm from each edge
  • In the lower left corner 15 mm
Pingen restricted areas
To fix restricted areas: Letters with content in restricted areas can be fixed in the Pingen App. Click on "Overwrite restricted areas" to automatically remove all content in restricted areas.

Letter templates

Pingen's letter templates are designed to comply with all standards.

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