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Register & configure your Pingen account

Welcome to Pingen, the professional online postal service! To make the registration and configuration of your Pingen account as easy as possible, we’ll guide you through the process.

Free registration at Pingen

Registering for Pingen is free and easy. To get started, visit and click the Register button in the upper right corner.

Free registration with Pingen

Step 1: Enter the email address you’d like to register on Pingen.

Step 2: Enter your first and last name.

Step 3: Set a password and confirm it. The password must be at least eight characters long.

Once you’ve entered all the required data and accepted Pingen’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, click the Sign up button.

Set the name and color of your Organisation

Okay, you’ve created a Pingen account and entered your personal data. Next, you’ll enter the name of your company, department, or organization, then select a color.

Select name and color of the Organisation

Step 1: Enter your Organisation name (for example, your company name, department name or organisation name).

Step 2: Set an Organisation color. The selected color only affects the appearance of your Organisation in the Pingen App and has no influence on the letter dispatch. You can adjust the settings via the menu items Organisation Administration --> Configuration.

In the user profile section in the upper right corner (under the menu item “Organisations”) you can create several workspaces/Organisations. Each Organisation is billed separately and has its own user management and shipping configurations. Learn more about Pingen Organisations

Set standard configurations

After you’ve successfully completed the first steps of your Pingen registration, it’s time to set a standard configuration for your letter mailings. You define the most important default settings based on your Organisation.

Organisation Details

Standard envelope window

The recipient's address should always be clearly visible through the envelope window. To ensure good visibility of the address, the correct side for the envelope window must be selected in this step. If the address in the letter document is on the left side by default, you must set the left envelope window. If the address in the letter document is on the right side, you must set the right address window.

You can change the default envelope window later by going to Organisation Administration --> Configurations. If you wish, you can overwrite the default envelope window option for each letter you’re preparing to send.

Standard recipient country

In the Default Recipient Country field, select the country where you send most of your letters. For letters sent to the default recipient country, you don’t need to specify the country name in the address in your letter.


Payment currency

In the Billing Currency field, choose a currency for your invoices. All invoices and receipts will use the currency you select.

Please note: Currently, the payment currency cannot be changed later in the Pingen App. If you want to change your billing currency, please contact Pingen Support.

Address Retention

The Address Retention field is where you define how long address information should be stored in Pingen. After the selected retention period has expired, all address information you’ve entered will be deleted from Pingen and no longer displayed.

You can change the address retention period later via the menu items Organisation Administration --> Configuration.

PDF Retention

In the PDF Retention field, you define how long your letters are stored in Pingen. When the selected period expires, all your PDF documents will be deleted from Pingen and you won’t be able to preview them.

You can change the PDF retention period via the menu items Organisation Administration --> Configuration.

Complete registration

To complete your Pingen registration, you have to confirm your email address. We sent a confirmation email to the email address you provided during registration. Check your inbox! By clicking on the button "Confirm email address" in the email, you’ll confirm your email address. Once that’s done, your registration with Pingen is complete. Congratulations!

Please note: If you forget to confirm your email address, after 24 hours your account will be locked until your email address is successfully confirmed.
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