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Introduction to Organisations

In Pingen, a workspace is called an "Organisation". You can manage several Organisations in your Pingen account. Each Organisation is managed separately. This allows you to track the letter mailings, accounting, and data access associated with each Organisation.


Billing by Organisation

Using one Pingen user account, you can manage different departments and companies as Organisations and bill them separately. For this reason, each Organisation has its own Credit balance account. Purchased Credits can only be spent by the Organisation in question.

Credit card per Organisation

Control data access per Organisation

In addition to billing, each Organisation has its own user management section. You can add several users to an Organisation.

User administration

Why use multiple Organisations?

For various reasons, it may be useful to create several Organisations in one Pingen account:

Manage different departments separately

You can manage several departments (Organisations) separately in one Pingen account and easily track each department’s accounting and users.

Manage several companies separately in one Pingen account

In a Pingen account, you can also create several companies as different Organisations and manage them separately.

Store several standard mailing configurations

If you regularly send letters with different standard mailing configurations, you can create different Organisations for each of them. Standard configurations – such as a standard recipient country or standard envelope window – can be defined for each Organisation.

Organisation management
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