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Manage Organisations

Organisations serve as separate workspaces in a Pingen account. In the Account Menu, which you open by clicking on your name in the upper right corner, you can access the Organisation Overview via the menu item "Organisations". In the Organisation Overview, you can see all the Organisations you have access to.

Account Settings - Organisations

Overview Organisations

Create new Organisation

First step: Click on the "Add new Organisation" button to create a new Organisation.

Create Organisation

Second step: Determine the name of the Organisation and the color. For example, the company name or department name is a suitable name. The Organisation color makes it easier for you to identify the Organisation in the Pingen App but has no influence on letter mailing.

Organisation name and color

Third step: Choose the settings and default mailing configurations you want for the Organisation. These settings and configurations include the default envelope window, default recipient country, billing currency, and address and PDF retention periods. More information about the settings can be found here

Organisation Details
Currently, the billing currency cannot be changed retrospectively. To change this setting, please contact Pingen support. We’re working on adding this functionality to the Pingen App.

Fourth step: Use the "Create Organisation" button to create the Organisation.

Leave Organisation

You can leave an Organisation by clicking on the "waving hand" symbol on the right-hand side.

Leave Organisation

If you confirm that you want to leave the Organisation in the next window, you’ll leave the Organisation and no longer have access to it.

If a user cannot leave an Organisation, it’s because that user is the only user in the Organisation. The last user cannot leave the Organisation but must delete it.

Delete Organisation

The deletion of an Organisation is final, and all the data associated with it will be deleted. Purchased Credits for that Organisation will expire after deletion. If you wish to transfer the Credits to another Organisation, please contact Support.

To delete an Organisation, change into the "Organisation Administration" goto "Billing & Credits" and click on the "I want to delete this Organisation" link.

Delete Organisation

To confirm the deletion, you’ll need to enter the Organisation name and the password for your account.

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