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User & Role Management

In Pingen, the "Organisation" is your primary workspace. Each Organisation has one or more users, and you can manage or add them in the Organisation Administration. Learn more about Organisations

The menu item "Organisation Administration" --> "User Management" can be used to manage users in the selected Organisation and to add new users.

User administration

Invite users to the Organisation

Use the "Invite New User" button to invite new users to the Organisation. In the second step, enter the new user’s email address. When you click on the "Invite User" button, Pingen will send an invitation to join the Organisation to the specified email address.

When the invited user accepts or declines the invitation, Pingen will send a notification to the Organisation’s existing users.

Invited user

Remove users from an Organisation

You can also remove users from the Organisation. If you click on the "boot" icon beside a user’s name in the User Management section, that user will be removed from the Organisation. After a successful removal, the user will be notified about the removal.

Remove user from Organisation

Block user

Sometimes, you may not want to remove a user from the Organisation but only lock him/her out of it temporarily. You can do this in the User Management section using the "closed lock" icon. When a user is locked, he or she can no longer access the Organisation.

Block user

If you click on the "open lock" icon in the User Management section, the user will be unlocked.

Unlock user

Role administration (coming soon)

 In the future, you’ll be able to control authorisations via a role administration section. Roles define what users see and what admin rights they have.

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