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Why can't I send my document?

All documents in the "Send Preparation" are categorised as "Ready for sending", "Action required" or "Not available for sending".

Documents in the category "Ready for sending" can be submitted for sending in the next step.

Documents in the category "Action required" contain issues that can be fixed directly via the Pingen App.

Documents in the category "Not available for sending", don’t comply with requirements and cannot be sent via Pingen.
Pingen Send Preparation

Documents in the category «Ready for sending»:

The category "Ready for sending" lists all documents that are directly available for sending. The "X" on the right-hand side can be used to remove documents from the list (and thus from the sending) if necessary. Only the documents listed in this category will be submitted for sending.

Documents Ready for Sending

Documents in the category «Action required»:

Send preparation - Action required

Issue with Recipient Address

The address could not be fully recognized in the address area of these documents. Either the address is incomplete or located not entirely inside the address area. Here you find out how to fix issues with the recipient address directly in the Pingen App.

Content in Restricted Areas

These documents contain content that reaches closer than 5 mm to the outer margin or 15 mm to the lower left corner. Here you find out how to fix content in the restricted areas directly in the Pingen App.

Invalid Paper Type

These documents contain pages with a payment slip which is not supported in the recipient country. For example, invoices with a Swiss QR-bill cannot be sent to Germany. Here you find out how to fix an invalid paper type directly in the Pingen App.

Documents in the category «Not available for sending»:

Not available for sending

Already submitted for sending before

Each document can only be sent once via Pingen. If you want to resend these documents, they must be transferred to Pingen again.

Contain too many pages for the destination country

These documents exceed the maximum number of pages allowed by the recipient country. Please reduce the number of pages and upload the documents again.

Maximum number of pages per letter by recipient country:
Germany: Up to 320 pages
Switzerland: Up to 120 pages
Austria: Up to 16 pages
Netherlands: Up to 14 pages
India: Up to 16 pages
Rest of the world: Up to 120 pages

Unable to process PDF document

These documents cannot be processed by Pingen. Please ensure that the PDF-files are not corrupt or protected and try again.

Pages in invalid paper format

Pingen only supports sending documents in format A4 portrait. The affected documents are often either in format US Letter (215x279mm) or contain pages in format A4 landscape (297x210mm). Make sure that all pages are in format A4 portrait (210x297mm) and upload the documents again.

PDF no longer exists for privacy reasons

These documents have already been removed from Pingen for data privacy reasons and can therefore no longer be sent. If these documents are still to be sent, they must be transferred to Pingen again.

Exceeds file size limits

These documents exceed the maximum size of 8 MB. PDFs larger than 8 MB must be compressed before uploading. There are free online tools such as smallpdf that offer PDF compression.

File not Found

These documents are invalid and were not stored in Pingen. To send such documents, they must be recreated in accordance with Pingen's requirements and re-submitted.

PDF contains form fields

Pingen cannot be used to send documents with form fields. Remove the form fields from the PDFs (e.g. via AvePDF) and upload the documents again.

PDF contains annotations

PDFs with annotations cannot be sent via ping due to technical reasons. Remove the annotations (e.g. via AvePDF) from the PDFs and upload the documents again.

Invalid PDF Binary Content

The PDF standard specifies that the binary content of PDFs must begin with %PDF-{PDF standard version}, e.g. %PDF-1.7, and end with %%EOF. Documents with the remark "Invalid PDF Binary Content" have a binary content that is not structured according to the PDF standard.

Important: The binary content of the document can be viewed when the PDF is opened in a professional text editor such as UltraEdit or SublimeText:
Invalid PDF Binary Content

Not available for sending

These documents are incompatible with our requirements and have properties that cannot be fixed by Pingen. Therefore they cannot be sent via Pingen.

Documents belong to a batch

Letters cannot be sent individually

A batch is automatically created as soon as a continuous PDF or ZIP file is uploaded. Letters within a batch are handled as a group and cannot be sent individually. To send these letters, the entire batch must be submitted for sending. More information about letters within a batch can be found here

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