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Upload letters via the Pingen App

PDF standards for upload

To send letters with Pingen, your documents must be in PDF format. Please note the following:

  • PDFs, PDF/A and ZIP files with PDF documents can be uploaded
  • You can upload multiple PDF files with single letters, one continuous PDF with multiple letters and one ZIP file with multiple single letters.
  • The document must be in A4 portrait format (210 x 297 mm)
  • The document must not exceed 8 MB
  • A maximum of 100 PDFs can be uploaded at once
  • Maximum number of pages per letter:
    Germany: Up to 320 pages
    Switzerland: Up to 120 pages
    Austria: Up to 16 pages
    Netherlands: Up to 14 pages
    India: Up to 16 pages
    Rest of the world: Up to 120 pages

More information about letter standards & templates

Upload PDFs and ZIP files via the Pingen app

After you have prepared your documents accordingly, Pingen offers you two options to upload the PDFs or ZIP files via the app.

Option 1: Upload via drag & drop

The complete Pingen app can be used as a drop zone. Select the desired PDFs or ZIP file on the computer and drag the documents to the browser window.

Upload PDFs via drag & drop

Option 2: Select & upload by clicking on the shipping box

Click the "Start New Shipment" shipping box in the lower left corner and select all the PDFs or a ZIP file you want to upload.

Pingen integrations - Upload and send letters directly using the tools you use at work

In addition to the standard Pingen App, you can also use various other software solutions to upload and send documents. Pingen already offers integrations for the following tools:

Google Drive


OneDrive / Office 365



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