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Letter tracking

You can use Pingen to track all your letters, from transmission to handover to the post office. To use the letter tracking option, click on the status of the respective letter in the letter list. A sidebar will open and show the letter’s history, from transfer to the most recent event. For letters that have been sent, the shipping type and the price composition are also displayed here.

Pingen doesn’t receive confirmation from the post office whether a letter has been delivered. In Pingen, undeliverable letters are marked with the status "Undeliverable". Learn more about undeliverable letters
Letter tracking - Letter list

In the letter preview, you can call up the tracking feature by clicking on the "Track & Trace" button in the bottom right corner. Track & Trace opens automatically for letters that have been sent.

Open letter tracking in letter preview

Each event is provided with date and time. For important events, Pingen will send you a notification by email and in the Pingen App. In the future, you’ll be able to customise your notifications to receive only the ones you want.

Letter tracking

Notification via webhook

If you send your letters via API, you can use Webhooks in addition to the tracking service. With webhooks, you get the status changes of your letters automatically without the need of API call.

Three event categories are currently available via webhooks:

  • Letter issues
  • Sent letters
  • Undeliverable letters

Pingen is working on an intelligent solution for managing webhooks. Want to use them? Then contact our support!

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