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Digital returns processing

Pingen automatically records letters that cannot be delivered as returns. In this case, Pingen notifies the sender by email, the Pingen App and webhook. The email explains why the letter are undeliverable. The letters are destroyed unopened.

Undeliverable letter

Notification via webhook

If you send letters via an API, you can use webhooks in addition to Pingen’s letter tracking. Webhooks enable you to know about any status changes to a letter automatically, without an API call.

Three event categories are currently available via webhooks:

  • Letter issues
  • Sent letters
  • Undeliverable letters

Reasons for undeliverability

Approximately 2% of letters cannot be delivered by post. There are several possible reasons why:

  • The address is spelled incorrectly or is invalid
  • The Recipient has moved
  • The Recipient has died
  • No letterbox or P.O. box in the recipient's name could be found at the specified address.
Pingen automatically sends all letters within Germany using PREMIUMADRESS from Deutsche Post. Thanks to PREMIUMADRESS, letters are automatically redirected to the new address if the recipient has moved.

Evaluate undeliverability in the statistics

In the statistics, you can evaluate the undeliverability of your letters over different periods and by destination country. These statistics help you determine whether you need to improve your address data.

Shipping quality statistics
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