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Cancelling submitted letters

Letters can be cancelled in the Pingen App up to a certain point.

Until when can letters be cancelled?

If the letter is marked as "Submitted for Sending" or "Print Preparation", it can be cancelled. As soon as the letter has reached the status "Printing", it can no longer be cancelled. A list of all status options can be found here

How to cancel a letter

To cancel a dispatch, select the relevant letters under the menu item "Letters" and click on the icon "Cancel Sending" under the selection list.

Cancelling submitted letters

In the next step, you'll confirm the cancellation.

Confirm cancellation

Afterwards you follow the above steps, Pingen will check whether the selected letters can still be cancelled. The check may take a moment. As soon as the check is complete, you’ll be informed by Pingen. If the cancellation is successful, the letters will be assigned "Cancelled" status.

Credit Notes for cancelled letters

If a sending is successfully cancelled, Pingen will issue a credit note for the cancelled letter. The credit note is equal to the cost of sending the letter and refunded within a few minutes as Credits. The menu item "Organisation Administration" --> "Billing history" gives you an overview of your purchases, usage, credit notes, and balance.

Credit notes for cancelled letters
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