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Introduction to Balance & Pingen Credits

When sending letters with Pingen, you pay using Credits in your Organisation’s account. In the balance card in the dashboard, you can see at a glance how many Credits your Organisation has. To purchase Credits, click on the balance card to be forwarded directly to the purchase dialogue. Detailed instructions for buying Credits

Credit card
Each Organisation has its own Credit balance. This makes it possible to keep the accounting of different companies or departments separate. Before you buy Credits, make sure you’re in the right Organisation.

Advantages of Credits

Pingen uses Credits as a payment unit to offer letter mailing as cheaply as possible. By using Credits, Pingen doesn’t have to pay transaction fees for each individual shipment. From time to time, Pingen customers have the opportunity to "grab" extra Credits during voucher promotions.

Payout of Credit balance

Once purchased, Credits cannot be paid out again afterwards. They are used exclusively for the payment of mailings or services of Pingen.

VAT on the purchase of Credits

Since the shipping prices at Pingen are exclusive of VAT, any VAT will be charged directly at the time of purchase of the Credits. For customers outside of Switzerland, Pingen applies the so-called reverse charge procedure. In this case, no VAT is charged on the purchase of Credits from Pingen. Instead, the purchase receipt contains a reference to the reverse charge procedure together with all the necessary information. In this case, the customer must pay the VAT directly to the respective tax office at the locally applicable VAT rate.

For customers from Switzerland, Swiss VAT will be charged directly on the purchase of Credits and subsequently shown accordingly on the purchase receipt.

After a Credits purchase, Pingen sends a purchase receipt with all the necessary information about the reverse charge or VAT via email. Therefore, no VAT is incurred for letter mailing. Everything you need to know about VAT and billing here

Credit notes in the form of Credits

If a submitted letter is cancelled, the costs respectively the charged Credits will automatically be reimbursed. The refund is credited to the balance of the relevant Organisation within a few minutes.

Credit notes for cancelled letters
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