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Refunds for cancelled and non-printable letters

Refunds are issued automatically to the balance of the corresponding Organisation in a refund case.

What are refund cases?

Credit Notes for cancelled letters

Once a letter has been successfully cancelled, the costs of the letter are automtically refunded within a few minutes.

Non-printable letters

In rare cases, letters cannot be printed due to technical reasons. If this happens with your letter, you’ll receive a notification and the total number of Credits charged for sending the letter will be refunded. In these cases you’ll receive a notification and the costs are automatically refunded.

Manage refunds

Refunds can be managed via the menu item "Organisation Administration" > "Billing History" by clicking on the credit notes link.

To download purchase receipts, usage statements, or credit note receipts as PDFs, simply select the desired billing period and choose the relevant documents.

Manage refunds
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