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Cancel Sent Batch

Up to a certain point, a batch can still be cancelled via the Pingen App.

Only the entire batch can be cancelled. Letters within the batch cannot be cancelled individually.

Until when is a batch cancellable?

As long as a batch is in the "In Processing" or "Batch Requires Credits" status, the cancel action is available in the batch detail page.

If certain letters within the batch have already reached the status "Printing", these letters can no longer be cancelled and are excluded from the cancellation. In this case, the batch is split into two batches and the cancelled letters are moved to the new batch. You can find a list of all status options here

Canceling a batch - This is how it works

To cancel the sending of a batch, open the respective batch via the navigation item "Batches" and click on the cancellation icon in the bottom bar.

Batch in processing

In the next step, confirm that you really want to cancel the sending of the entire batch.

Cancel a batch

Pingen then checks whether all letters within the batch can still be cancelled. The check may take a moment.

Option 1: The entire batch was successfully cancelled

Batch was successfully cancelled

All letters within the batch were still in the status "Submitted for Sending", "Batch Requires Credits" or "Print Preparation" and could therefore be cancelled. The status of the batch changes to “Cancelled”.

If necessary, the cancelled batch can (e.g. with changed dispatch settings) be re-submitted for sending via the detail view.

Option 2: The batch was partially cancelled

Batch was partially canceled

If the batch contains cancelable letters as well as letters that can no longer be cancelled, the batch is only partially cancelled. In this case, a new batch is created with the cancelled letters.

The previous batch now only contains the letters that could no longer be cancelled and continues to process the letters.

The new batch contains the successfully cancelled letters and is given the status "Cancelled".

If necessary, the cancelled batch can (e.g. with changed dispatch settings) be re-submitted for sending via the detail view.

Option 3: The entire batch could no longer be cancelled

Batch cancellation failed

If the check reveals that all letters can no longer be cancelled, you will receive a notification and processing will continue.

Credit Notes for cancelled letters

Credit notes for cancelled letters

For the successfully cancelled letters, Pingen issues a credit note for the charges of the letters. The credit note is reimbursed within a few minutes in the form of credits. Via the menu item "Organisation Administration" --> "Billing History" you get an overview of purchases, usage, credit notes and your balance.

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