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Send and track a batch

Once a batch has been created, it can be easily sent and tracked in detail. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to create a batch using a mail merge letter resp. continuous PDF or a ZIP file.

Prepare a batch for sending

Click on the navigation item "Batches" to open the respective batch:

Prepare batch for sending

As long as a batch has not yet been submitted for sending, the letters from the batch are divided into the following categories:

Ready for Sending
‍These letters comply with all Pingen requirements and are thus ready for sending.

Action Required
‍These letters do not yet comply with the requirements of Pingen. However, the issues can be corrected directly via Pingen App, after which the letters will become ready for sending.

Not available for sending
‍These letters do not meet the requirements of Pingen and unfortunately cannot be sent via Pingen.

By clicking on the category, the corresponding letters can be viewed directly in the Letters list.

Please note: A batch can only be sent once there are no more letters in the categories Action Required and Not available for sending.

In case there are letters in the categories Action Required as and/or Not available for sending, they must either be corrected or removed.

Send a batch

As soon as all letters of a batch are in the category "Ready for Sending", the dispatching can be started by clicking on "Send Batch".

Send a batch

In the Send Overview you can select the desired delivery product per country. Depending on the delivery product, the shipping properties such as the speed or track & trace information as well as the postage costs change. Further information can be found in the article "Introduction to shipping options"

Batch shipping options

In addition to the delivery products, various printing options are also available in the Send Overview. Further information can be found in the article “Print options”

Batch print options

Once the delivery product and the printing options have been selected, the batch can be sent by clicking on the "Send Batch" button. A confirmation message then appears to confirm the number of letters and the price.

Not enough Credits available

Not enough Credits

In case there are not enough credits for sending the batch, all letters within the batch will be queued and get the status "Batch Requires Credits".

Buy Credits

To purchase credits for that Organisation, simply click the credit card in the top right corner on the Dashboard. For more information on How to by Credits click here

Once there are enough credits available to cover the cost of the entire batch, any letters with the status "Batch Requires Credits" will be sent automatically.

Manage and Track a Batch

Manage and Track a Batch

After sending, you can access the status of each individual letter via the details view of the batch. In addition, detailed information on shipping quality, costs and the print type are available as well.

Via "Activities", the processing stages of the batch can also be traced at any time.

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