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Create batch - Using a ZIP file

Batches are specifically designed for bulk mailings with more than 100 letters. General information on batches can be found here

The batch feature of Pingen supports the automatic processing of ZIP files with a size of up to 1GB or a content of up to 10,000 PDFs. This way, also large mailings can be processed and sent conveniently via the Pingen App.

Upload a ZIP file

The batch feature starts automatically as soon as a ZIP file is moved into the Pingen App via drag & drop.
Upload a ZIP file

The ZIP file can simply be dragged and dropped into the browser window or selected by clicking on Send New Letters in the bottom left corner.

Specify Batch Details

The dialogue for creating the batch appears automatically as soon as the transfer is completed:

Specify Batch Details

Click on the icon to select a batch icon. The batch name is automatically pre-filled from the file name and can be modified if necessary.

The address window is used to indicate whether the recipient's address is located on the left or right side of the PDFs.

Create Batch

Click on Create Batch to start the batch creation:

Create Batch
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