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Integrate and use the Pingen API

Pingen's scalable application programming interface (API) enables you to add an automatic letter mailing feature to your software.

Advantages of the Pingen API

It's free

All customers receive the API interface free of charge.

Powerful SDKs (coming soon)

Developers can quickly integrate automatic letter sending into their tools using Pingen’s software development kits (SDKs) for PHP, Java, C# and .Net.

Supported payment forms

Pingen supports all common Swiss payment forms: Payment slips with reference number ISR, ISR+, red payment slips, and Swiss QR bills.

From developers, for developers

All Pingen features are accessible via the API and described in detail in the documentation.

Track & Trace

For each transmitted letter, Pingen provides detailed status information via API. You can track the progress of each letter from A to Z.

Generate revenue

Integrators can generate additional revenue by reselling the letter mailing functionality.

Integrate & manage Pingen API

Using the Pingen developer website and API documentation, integrating the API is a snap.

Manage API Credentials in the Pingen App

Click on your name in the upper right corner to open the Account menu. By clicking on “Profile”, you can navigate to "Account Settings". Under the "API Access" menu item, you can manage your API accesses and create new ones.

API access
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