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Send letters via S3

Using S3 integration, PDFs can be transferred directly via S3 to Pingen and automatically sent by post. S3 integration is ideal for customers who want to send large quantities of letters securely and automatically. To learn how to manage integrations in the Pingen App, read the article "Manage integrations in Pingen".

What is S3?

S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a modern way to transfer and store data online. S3 can be understood as a more modern version of SFTP with improved error management and more reliable data transfers. Pingen doesn’t use S3 from Amazon but has its own S3 instance on which the accesses/buckets for the customers reside. Accordingly, when using S3, no data is processed by Amazon.

Since many popular programming languages already offer S3 libraries, data transfer via S3 can be easily integrated into existing software solutions. Many SFTP clients, such as CyberDuck, already support data transfer via S3. A good overview of user tools for transferring data via S3 can be found here:

How does S3 integration work?

With S3 integration, Pingen provides each Organisation with an account (a so-called "bucket") and individual login details for the S3 instance of Pingen. PDFs can then be transferred to this bucket using these login details and an S3 library or S3-capable SFTP client.

One or more folders with individual delivery settings are configured for each bucket. Through this bucket, PDFs are automatically processed by Pingen.

If some documents must be printed in greyscale and others in color this can be easily controlled with the S3 integration by setting up two different folders with the corresponding settings. Like the other integrations, the respective settings can be managed directly in the Pingen App under the menu item "Integrations".

Connect Pingen and S3

Integrations can be connected and managed in the respective Organisation via the menu item "Organisation Administration" "Integrations". S3 can be selected by clicking on the "Add integration" button.

Add S3 Integration
Add S3 Integration

1. Request S3 integration

The S3 integration must be configured by Pingen. Please send us a request. The Pingen team will contact you by email to coordinate the setup.

Send request for S3 integration

You can have one or more folders set up in your S3 bucket. Once the S3 integration is complete, you will receive the login details for your S3 Bucket.

2. Customise the delivery settings

After the S3 integration has been completed, the respective S3 folders are listed in the Pingen App under "Integrations". The "Pause" or "Play" icon can be used to pause or reactivate the processing of a folder.

If necessary, you can also adjust the delivery settings for each folder by clicking on the "Pencil".

Edit delivery settings

Envelope window: To ensure the visibility of the recipient's address, the envelope window must be on the correct side. Please specify whether the recipient’s address is on the left or right side in the document.

Send automatically: If “Send automatically” is enabled, the letters are sent directly after they’re transmitted to Pingen. If this feature is disabled, the letters are only transferred to Pingen and can be sent manually via the Pingen App.

Delivery Product: The delivery product option controls whether letters are sent as quickly as possible, as cheaply as possible, or in bulk. If you select the "Fast" option, the fastest available delivery option for the respective recipient country is used. If you select the "Cheap" option, letters are sent using the cheapest available shipping option.

If you select the "Bulk" shipping option, letters will be sent at even cheaper shipping prices but have a longer delivery time. If you select bulk mailing but this mailing option is not available in the recipient country, the letters will automatically be sent using the "Cheap" mailing option.

Page Handling: The page handling option determines whether your letters will be printed on one side (simplex) or on both sides (duplex).

Color Mode: The color mode specifies whether the letters are printed in greyscale or in color.

S3 Shipping settings

Send letters via S3

Once the S3 integration is set up, you can transfer your PDFs to Pingen via S3 and have them processed directly.

If you have the automatic sending feature enabled for the corresponding S3 folder, the letters are printed and posted automatically after they have been transferred.

All PDFs saved in the S3 folder are automatically synchronised with Pingen within a few minutes.

Track letters via the Pingen App

After the PDFs have been processed by Pingen, the sending of the letters can be tracked via the menu item "Letters" in the Pingen App.

This way, you always stay up to date about the status of your letters!

Track letters via the Pingen App
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