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Manage external access and third-party apps in the Pingen App

Pingen is already integrated in many popular software solutions or available as an add-on (so-called “third-party apps”). With the help of third party apps, letters can be sent directly from another software solution via Pingen.

In Pingen, a distinction is made between "Integrations" and "Third-party apps". With third-party apps, the interaction with Pingen is managed by the respective app.

Access from third-party apps to Pingen can be managed in the account settings under the menu item "External Access".

Integrations can be connected and managed directly from the Pingen App. More information in the article "Manage integrations in the Pingen App".

Connect third-party apps with Pingen

The connection with Pingen of third-party apps is controlled externally from the third-party app. For example, if you want to connect Zapier to Pingen, it must be triggered from Zapier. The process varies depending on the third-party app. For questions and further information about the specific Pingen integration, please consult the provider of the third-party app.

Grant access to the Pingen-Account

Once the connection to Pingen has been initiated by the third-party app, a new tab will open to grant access to the Pingen account. Click "Grant Access" here to allow the third party app to interact with your pingen account going forward.

Grant access to the Pingen-Account

Manage access from third-party apps via the Pingen App

To manage the access from third-party apps, click on your account name in the top right-hand corner and then on "Profile". Then click on the menu item "External Access" in the account settings. This view shows all third-party apps that have access to your Pingen account.

Manage external access

If you have connected Pingen to an third-party app, this application will be authorised to upload, send and to interact with the letters.

Revoke access for third-party apps

To revoke access to your Pingen account for a third-party app, hover over the app in question and click on the "boot" icon. In the following window you can confirm the revocation. After that you will no longer be able to send letters via the third-party app.

Revoke external access
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