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Account & Organisation blocking

In rare instances, Pingen may block an account or Organisation. There are a few reasons why this might happen.

Account not activated

If an account is blocked shortly after registration, it’s usually because the email address associated with the account was not confirmed within 24 hours of registration.

To activate your account, open the email from Pingen in your email inbox and click the "Confirm email address" button. After that, your email address will be confirmed and the account activated.

Pingen uses the confirmation of the email address as a security mechanism to prevent misuse of email addresses.

Confirm email address

Your access has been blocked

If you can no longer access an Organisation, it could be because another user has blocked your access to it.

Unpaid bill

For post-paid customers: If the due date of a bill payment is exceeded by more than 30 days, Pingen will block the Organisation. In this case, please contact Pingen Support.

Other reasons

If your account is blocked and none of the above reasons apply, please contact Pingen Support.

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