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Send ISR, ISR+ and red payment slips

If an ISR, ISR+ or red payment slip is used in the document, Pingen automatically recognizes the appropriate paper type based on official attributes of a payment slip.

Swiss payment slips must be transmitted to Pingen without the red or orange background, as the corresponding pages are printed directly on the pre-perforated paper.

All documents with Swiss payment slips can only be sent to Switzerland only. If payment slips are unavailable for the recipient country, the paper type can be changed to regular paper in the Pingen App. Click here for instructions

Create Swiss payment slips correctly in the document

It’s important that all Swiss payment slip formatting is in accordance with the PostFinance specifications. Invoices with payment slips can be created using any accounting software.

The following points must be observed when creating a payment slip:

  • The background of the payment slip must be white
  • The payment slip must be aligned at the bottom edge to the page
  • If you print on both sides (duplex), payment slips must always be on odd-numbered pages. If they aren’t, for technical reasons it will not be possible to print the document in duplex.
When printing in duplex, remember that your document’s page numbers will change if you use the Pingen App to create a cover page.
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